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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

In Pictures: The Streets of Austin


South By Southwest has given me a glimpse into the weirdness that is Austin, TX. Unlike most music festivals which try to find as much open space as possible, SXSW occupies the heart of Texas' capitol. Every band I've seen has been welcomed by an overstuffed venue packed with great energy. The concern about too many venues being on top of each other was wiped away my first day here. The open windows of all the bars allows the music to spill out onto the streets. The live music everywhere is a little out of the ordinary but it has kept me running around discovering tons of new bands I would have otherwise never seen.

We were lucky enough to hit the streets one afternoon before things got crazy on 6th street. Both sides of this road are covered with bars and restaurants that have become venues this week in order to host SXSW's gaggle of bands. In keeping with SXSW tradition it is always the unexpected appearances and suprises that keep people coming back. We have tried to capture as much of Austin as possible, check out some of the shots we have so far!