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Pilot 'Mobile Produce' Program Looking for Vendor

Pilot 'Mobile Produce' Program Looking for Vendor
New Jersey pushing for fresh produce.

A new program that would make it convenient for New Jersey residents with limited access to supermarkets to buy fresh produce is looking for a vendor.

The nonprofit mobile vendor would visit senior complexes, community centers and other high-traffic areas to sell fresh fruits and vegetables to underserved areas.
The first city to try the pilot program is Camden, a city with one supermarket.
Assemblyman Gilbert "Whip" Wilson, a Camden County Democrat, says the Agriculture Department-run program could be a win for residents and local farmers alike, because it will feature Jersey Fresh produce in season.
Since many cities don't have full-sized supermarkets, the mobile markets could provide an affordable, convenient way to provide access to healthy food alternatives.
The request for proposal from vendors will be released this week.