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PlaNYC Gets an Update


NYC's environmental effort continues to expand.

Four years after New York City Mayor Bloomberg first introduced PlaNYC, it is getting a makeover. Mayor Bloomberg announced 132 new initiatives, including the phasing out of two of the dirtiest oils used to heat buildings.

Number 4 and number 6 oils are used by most building owners, but they will be outlawed by 2015 and 2030, respectively. 200 city schools use the oils, and the Mayor said the city will take the lead and change the fuel systems in those schools before the deadline.

The update to PlaNYC, required by law, also includes the formation of a new agency, the New York City Energy Efficiency Corporation. It will offer loans to property owners looking to make energy efficiency improvements, using $37 million in federal funds.

The city, partnering with the private sector, also plans to put solar farms on top of three capped landfills, including Fresh Kills in Staten Island.

"In the summer, where the energy demand is greatest, something like a substantial solar investment would enable us to cut into those peak needs so that we don't have to run dirtier, peaker plants," said Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Cas Halloway.

The city says it has hit nearly two thirds of its goals built into the plan, but has another 400 milestones to achieve by December 31, 2013.

"We're going to pick up the pace," said Mayor Bloomberg. "And keep our pledge to our children to return to them a city and this glorious Earth, with a greener and greater future."