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Question of the Day: Tell Me Something Good

The news is not all bad, is it?

The news is not all bad, is it?


The news out of the Denver area is so upsetting this morning, we just had to make the Question of the Day about Good News.  We heard a quote the other day about the fact that 8 million New Yorkers DIDN'T DO ANYTHING WRONG today.  So what are you doing?  What is your Good News?  And can you think of a song that captures it?  Your thoughts and your music (and first name and hometown, please) welcomed here.

What we played:

 "No Bad News" - Patti Griffin, Children Running Through

"Everthing's Coming Our Way" - Santana, Santana III

"The News" - Carbon/Silicon, The Last Post

"Pretty Girl From Annapolis" - The Avett Brothers, A Carolina Jubilee

"Ain't That Good News" - Sam Cooke, Ain't That Good News