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Ra Ra Riot: Rockwood Music Hall 2016

Ra Ra Riot at Rockwood Music Hall

Ra Ra Riot at Rockwood Music Hall (photo by Gus Philippas/WFUV)


We were thrilled to share in this joyous, career-spanning show with Ra Ra Riot at Rockwood Music Hall, featuring a live introduction to songs from the band’s fourth album, Need Your Light.

Starting a band in college is not that unusual, but rare is the college band that not only succeeds but manages to stay together as the members transition from college students to young adults starting families. Even rarer still is when all of the collaborators in the band’s story help to shape a brand new album a decade later. Ra Ra Riot has accomplished just that, with a new collection of songs that originated from frontman Wes Miles reuniting with his old friend and collaborator Rostam Batmangalij (Vampire Weekend).

Need Your Light is in many ways a perfect representation of the history of the band. It’s also a celebration of their journey, as they just marked their tenth anniversary and sound better than ever.

[recorded: 2/16/16]


  • Every Time I'm Ready to Hug
  • Oh, La
  • Water
  • Boy
  • Bad Times
  • Foreign Lovers
  • Too Dramatic
  • Absolutely
  • Dance With Me
  • Suckers
  • I Need Your Light