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Reconstruction of Sheridan Expressway Could Mean Big Changes for Bronxites

Photo Courtesy: governorandrewcuomo, Flickr


Environmental groups in New York City are excited about what Governor Andrew Cuomo's plan for the Sheridan Expressway could mean for the South Bronx.

Close to 20,000 trucks make up just a portion of the more-than 78,000 vehicles that travel through Hunts Point every day. Most of those trucks are traveling to the Hunts Point Food Market, but after getting off the Sheridan, they have to take local roads to get there. Angela Tovar is the Director of Community Development at The Point CDC, a nonprofit serving Hunts Point. She said the high volume of trucks has a serious impact on air quality, contributing to the neighborhood's high asthma rates. She said it also raises pedestrian safety issues.

"If you can picture in your head traveling across 8 lanes of local traffic to be able to access the other side of the community, you can imagine that it would be a big impact," Tovar said.

The highway stands between Hunts Point residents and the community's Bronx River waterfront and Starlight Park. But, Tovar said Cuomo's plan could transform the community. The plan will provide direct access from the Sheridan to the Hunts Point Food Market, keeping local streets safe and lessening traffic congestion. The plan also provides bridges and crossings for pedestrians and cyclists, giving them safer access to previously-isolated areas.