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Remembering a Legendary Broadcaster

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A Lifechanger

Marty Glickman spent 12 years at WFUV teaching the student broadcasters the art of doing play-by-play.  He began with Bob Papa and his final pupil was Spero Dedes. Spero gives his recollection of Marty including what he meant to him and his feelings upon seeing the new HBO Documentary "Glickman". You can also hear Bob and Spero talk with Andrew Bogusch and Rich McLaughlin, also students of Marty, in special One on One interviews this past Saturday.

By Spero Dedes:
I was 13 years old when Marty Glickman broadcast his final game.  At that time, aside from the powerful presence his voice carried on the airwaves, all I really knew about the man was that he was the Jets radio announcer.  Less than 10 years later, I'd get to know Marty on an entirely different and more personal level.
It's hard to think back to my days at FUV and not think about Marty.  In the 3 years I knew him, Marty left such an indelible mark on my life.  For those who never had the pleasure of meeting him, you can't possibly imagine the presence of the man, even in the final years of his life.  He was a character straight out of the old glory days of New York's past.  Full of life, charisma and a voice to match.  I'd never known anyone like him.
I first met Marty with the rest of our FUV crew -- Connell McShane, Tony Reali and all the others -- during our weekly workshops.  We'd all gather around Marty in a classroom down the hall from the FUV studios, and one by one, we'd pop in our tape, and Marty would critique us in front of the entire group.  It was the most nerve-racking experience ever, because Marty pulled no punches.  He challenged you to be better.
I was so unsure of myself back then.  But that all changed one morning when the phone rang in my dorm room.  To my shock, it was Marty, telling me that I had a future in this business if I was serious enough about it.  From that moment, everything changed for me.  And it was because Marty believed in me. 

Watching James Freedman's documentary Glickman this week with Bob Ahrens and some old FUV classmates -- not to mention a number of the current crop of FUV'ers -- I was filled with the emotions and memories that only Marty could conjure up.  It's hard to believe that 13 years have passed since he left us, but this film is the perfect testament to what he represented for so many sports fans in New York. 

I'll never forget him.


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