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#SummerofFUV Music Guide

Session Americana: 2017

Session Americana with John Platt at WFUV

Session Americana with John Platt (photo by Jeremy Rainer/WFUV)


The six musicians of Session Americana are stalwarts of the fertile Boston music scene who boast impressive resumes as sidemen and studio musicians: Ry Cavanaugh, Kimon Kirk, Jim Fitting, Dinty Child, Billy Beard, and Jefferson Hamer (who's actually based in Brooklyn). As they got together for regular jam sessions they discovered a special chemistry, and that has led to a half dozen albums, the latest being Great Shakes.

I was honored to welcome these consummate musicians and songwriters to Studio A in advance of their January 10 appearance at On Your Radar.

[recorded: 9/22/16]