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Sierra Club Calls for Offshore Wind Power in New Jersey

Sierra Club calls for Offshore Wind Power in New Jersey
A new poll finds New Jersey residents are in favor of developing offshore wind power resources.

A new poll from the Sierra Club and Monmouth University found that a 75 percent majority of New Jersey residents are in favor of their state developing more renewable energy resources, including offshore wind power. The poll also found that two-thirds of New Jerseyans want to see Governor Chris Christie make offshore wind power a priority in his administration.

The Sierra Club also launched an advertising campaign today that will call for the development of wind power in New Jersey. The campaign will feature billboards along major highways, online and newspaper advertisements, and petitions to Governor Christie to develop offshore wind power.

According to the Sierra Club, offshore wind would provide a clean and economical alternative energy source.

Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, said investing in offshore wind would grow the state’s economy and create jobs.

“The state of New Jersey has an enormous potential in offshore wind just waiting to be realized,” Brune said, “there's no reason why New Jersey can't be a leader once again.”

Governor Christie passed the Offshore Wind Economic Development Act in 2010 to develop wind farms off the shores of New Jersey. But in the past three years the state’s Board of Public Utilities has failed to implement the act and attract offshore wind builders to the state.