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Snow Has Cabbies Calling for Laws for Safer Roads

Snow Has Cabbies Calling for Laws for Safer Roads
With another snow storm expected to hit New York City this week, some Bronx taxi drivers are worried about safety on the roads.

Cabbie Bienvenido Ogando says he hasn't decided whether he'll brave the roads on Thursday, when the city could get another 6-10 inches of snow. 

"I don't want to die; I don't to have any accidents!"

Ogando says one major concern taxi drivers have is snow falling off the roofs of other vehicles.  He joined members of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers at a press conference to call on legislators to pass a law requiring New Yorkers to completely clear off their cars before driving.  Right now, the law only applies to windshields. 

Federation spokesman Fernando Mateo says changes need to be made before a terrible accident occurs. 

"We always see the politicians come forward after four or five people have lost their lives," Mateo said. "Then you see them all - 'Oh, we need to legislate!'  This is preventive medicine."

New Jersey has a snow-and-ice law in place.  But reports show the law doesn't result in a high number of tickets.



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