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Snowplow Budgets Dry Up Throughout Region


In the midst of another snowstorm, some Westchester County towns are struggling to pay for what’s becoming an expensive snow season.

With a snowstorm bearing down on the metropolitan region again, local governments are feeling the financial pressures of the frequent winter blasts.

With another snowstorm bearing down on the metropolitan region, local governments are feeling the financial pressures of the frequent winter blasts. A handful of Westchester municipalities say they have melted through large portions of their budgets allotted to snow removal.

Yorktown, for example, is dangerously close to exceeding its budget. Highway Superintendent Eric DiBartolo says out of the $600,000 dedicated to snow removal, the town only has $87,000 left.

Mamaroneck is facing the same issue. Town Administrator Steve Altieri says they have also used up a lot overtime, and expect to exceed this year’s snow removal budget. New York City officials have also said they are approaching their snow budget threshold of $40 million. The culprit: the Christmas weekend blizzard, which set the Metropolitan Transit Authority back nearly $30 million. The storm came on a Sunday, the day after Christmas. That meant millions of dollars in worker overtime costs.

The Long Island town of Hempstead is faring a little better. Town Supervisor Kate Murray says they are luckily still in the black, despite all the white stuff. “We have plenty of money left, but obviously we have plenty of winter left too.” Hempstead’s used only $600,000 worth of its $2.4 million dollar budget.

While Murray acknowledges the money may run out, she says they “would just have to get [it] from elsewhere. The health and safety of our residents is our number one priority.”

WFUV's George Bodarky, Julie Clark and Stephen Ross contributed to this article.