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SongWorks with Everest, Part 2

Check out the Second Installment of SongWorks with Everest

Check out the Second Installment of SongWorks with Everest


For the second installment of SongWorks, The WFUV crew headed out to Long Beach to check in on Everest and the progress of their new song, "Wrong Way Rider."

We had every intention of setting up on the beach and having the band talk and play us what they had, until they guys told us no. They said why fake it? Their gear was set up in the kitchen, and the band was actually working out parts for the song. What you see here is how it really gets done. "Wrong Way Rider" now has a chorus, and as you'll see, a new ending might be in the works.

Check back next week where catch up with Everest at Rockwood Music Hall and they try bringing "Wrong Way Rider" to a bigger stage.

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Corona Extra joins you in supporting WFUV and Everest, WFUV's artist-in-residence for April, 2012. Corona invites listeners to see a show, grab a Corona Extra and find their beach. Imported by Crown Imports, Chicago, IL. Corona reminds listeners to relax responsibly.