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Sons of Fathers - FUV Live - 2013

The Austin band, Sons of Fathers joins John Platt in studio for an FUV Live session tonight at 9

The sophomore release from the Austin band Sons of Fathers, Burning Days, is an interesting mix of roots and rock. The band describe their sound as "The Everly Brothers meets Neil Young and Merle Haggard and The Clash."

The band actually began as a duo with David Beck and Paul Cathen at the heart of the project and they initially went by the name, "Beck & Cauthen" but since there was already a well established "Beck" in the music scene, they decided to change their name to "Sons of Fathers."

Paul and David recently visited WFUV and we talked about their new record as well as the Texas music scene. The band also played us some of their new songs live in Studio A.

[recorded: 04/25/13]