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Squash Senior of the Week: Chris Souther

Squash Senior of the Week: Chris Souther

From squash to super powers, and everything in between

Name: Chris Souther

Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

Major: Economics

Why Squash? “I joined the team my sophomore year because it’s a great way to stay in shape and the coach Bob Hawthorn was a legend. He was not only a great mentor for squash but in life as well.”

Biggest Accomplishment? “The trip to nationals is the pinnacle of what we do. We all got together and spent some time in Boston and it was just great to compete in the national tournament.”

Goals for the Season: “I want the team to have a good showing at nationals. We are not sure what bracket we will be in but hopefully we can win it. I also definitely want to beat our rivals, Vassar, in the final match of the season”.

Dinner With 3: “Ben Franklin, Mick Jagger, and Joe Montana.”

Any Super Power: “I would like to have super-speed. It would definitely help on the squash court.”

Plans after College: “Work in the city.”