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State Senate wants to Impose Regulation on Cheap Buses


Midtown Manhattan and Chinatown have long dealt with increased congestion and unsafe conditions from discounted buses, but city officials are looking to change this.

City officials have received complaints from local businesses who claim the buses disrupt business, and are concerned that these buses follow no regulation.  Currently these buses stop on street corners throughout the city causing traffic and disruption for both pedestrians and cars.

State Senator Daniel Squadron who represents Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn is one of the officials sponsoring the initiative.  He wants to implement what he sees as a reasonable fee requiring buses get permits from the MTA and the local community boards so they can designate appropriate loading and unloading zones for the buses.

“We don’t want to cut off this business that has lead to lower prices and competition, what we want to do is make this business work better for everybody.  The way to do that in the short term is to have this kind of reasonable permit system.”

A BoltBus spokesman, Timothy Stokes said they will cooperate with any changes the city deems necessary.

WFUV's Marisa Galdi contributed to this report.