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State Senator Urges Locally Grown Produce


New York state currently has 36,300 farms—a quarter of the state’s land.

New York State Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Orange) has introduced a bill in Albany to help local farmers.  He wants to give a $100 tax credit for every $1,000 restaurants spend on locally grown produce.  To qualify, a restaurant must buy fresh food from any farm within a 100-mile radius.  Carlucci said this would help boost the local farm industries around the state.

 “If we have restaurants teaming up and buying from local farmers we’ll allow farmers to really thrive and therefore offering a more locally grown produce which will make it easier for that to get from the farm to the table,” said Carlucci.

Due to tight profit margins many small farmers are forced to supplement their incomes by selling portions of their land off for development.  Carlucci is asking the State Government to subsidize this industry to build a stronger local economy and preserve this billion dollar industry.