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Strike A Chord: Finding Hope After Losing A Parent To Alzheimer's


About five years ago, Patricia Petersen’s mother became more forgetful, and she would often repeat herself. Her mother was soon diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, and Patricia had to become her mother’s caregiver.

After her mother died, Patricia began attending a support group at CaringKind. She says being able to talk about her mother’s diagnosis and passing, helped her realize the depth of her loss.

“It became very difficult, because your whole life as been, you know, taking care of that person. So now then you find yourself like oh my god, what do I do now?”

Patricia says coping with her loss got easier because of the support group. She says she’s now able to use her experience with grief, for good.

“I see myself hopefully being able to help others. To help them understand, you know, there is life after words, and you just have to be there for them.”