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Strike A Chord: Veterans Finding Strength Through Yoga

[Photo Source Fred W. Baker III, WIkipedia]


Anu Bagwhati is walking me through her typical yoga routine. After serving five years in the Marine Corps, Anu had trouble reintegrating into civilian life. She says she practiced yoga in the marines, but struggled balancing the calmness of it with the aggressive atmosphere she experienced everyday.

So after leaving the military, Anu tried yoga again, and wanted to find a way she could give back to veterans. In 2008, she founded Yoga for Vets, a free center for veterans to come and de-stress through meditative and mindful movements.

"I've been able to see huge changes in people who have been practicing over time, and its always a real pleasure to be able to witness that."

Bruce Robertson-Smith is one of those success stories. He served in the navy in the Vietnam War. In 2008, Bruce suffered a heart attack that put him on a bunch of medications. But, he says since discovering Anu's class, he's no longer reliant on meds.

"That class, truly not metaphorically, saved my life. Saved my life."