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The Struggles of Dining Out During Passover


With Passover starting next week dining out can be a challenge for the Jewish community.

Only a handful of restaurants in New York City are Passover certified, which is no easy task.

Rabbis must inspect the kitchens, blow torch the ovens, and make sure restaurants have new utensils, dishes and linens.  

Elan Kornblum is the president of the Brooklyn-based Great Kosher Restaurants Magazine. He said kosher restaurants fill a void during Passover. “It’s hard to cook on Passover sometimes. In your home you have to make sure your kitchen's clean, you need all new utensils and plates,” he said. “And you’re home usually three, four, five days in a row eating the same Matza.”

Restaurants serving Passover menus include Abigel’s, La Carne Grill, Le Marais, Mendy’s on 34th Street, Prime Grill and Talia’s. Kornblum says it’s important to make reservations in advance because these restaurants are jam-packed during Passover.

Passover begins Monday, April 18 at sundown and ends Tuesday,  April 26.