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Summer Could Bring Higher Risk of Lyme Disease

Summer Could Bring Higher Risk of Lyme Disease
Experts urge extra precautions.

Disease ecologists say the risk for getting Lyme Disease this summer is greater than usual. 

That's largely because of a crash in the population of the ticks' normal food source, the white footed mouse.  The mouse's population has dwindled because the acorns they eat are also less plentiful this year.  Dr. Rick Ostfeld of the Cary Institute Of Ecological Studies says that means ticks are more likely to go after people.     

"Be vigilant against ticks, because I think the risk is going to be considerably  higher.  And so taking all those precautions that we've been taught to do." 

Ostfeld says precautions include spraying repellent on socks and shoes, and doing regular tick checks after spending time outdoors.


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