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Sunscreen To Have Stricter Labeling


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is cracking down on sunscreen manufacturers.

The FDA's new regulations require all products to be tested for their effectiveness against the more dangerous sun rays linked to skin cancer. 

Manufacturers will also have to upgrade their labels to clearly distinguish what their products do.  Sunscreens that don’t offer proper protection will have to reveal to the public that they only help prevent sunburn, not skin cancer.

Westchester Congresswoman Nita Lowey has been pushing for more sunscreen disclosure for years.  Lowey said she’s pleased with the FDA’s move, but says there’s more to be done.  She said a simple monograph on the sunscreen bottle would add greater clarification. “When people go into a store, they know just by looking at the product without having to read the print” said Lowey.

But, the Congresswoman still commended the FDA and said “every summer that goes by without required disclosure of cancer protection is another season consumers don’t have the information they need to protect themselves.”

Michelle Tropper with the American Cancer Society said the new regulations will help consumers better understand how their sunscreen works.  She said the new labels provide more information than ever before, and believes “the new ruling will build consumer confidence in the products they’re buying.”

The National Cancer Institute reports more than 68,000 people in the U.S. were diagnosed last year with the most dangerous form of skin cancer.  Nearly $2 billion is spent on treatments each year.