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Take Five with The Alternate Side: Exitmusic

Fridays on FUV, Take Five with The Alternate Side. This week: Exitmusic.

Exitmusic's Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church have forged a profound partnership. The couple came together in a romantic, cinematic way, first meeting on a transcontinental train, and over the course of two albums, the most recent being Passage, they've created an artistic identity which is beautifully beguiling and darkly unsettling.

The band — which also includes drummer Dru Prentiss and Nicholas Shelestak on assorted electronics — launches a full North American tour on September 30 in Montréal, but they will play Hoboken's Maxwell's on September 26 (rescheduled from Saturday, September 8). A European tour follows in November, including a stop at Iceland's Airwaves Festival.

In addition, the Exitmusic recently did a remix of Poliça's "Amongster," available here. Passage is out now via Secretly Canadian.

Exitmusic recently journeyed to the Bronx (not by train) for a live session in Studio A. Listen to the session this today on 91.5 WNYE at 11 a.m. EDT and online. To watch more in-studio videos and to read interview highlights of my interview with Exitmusic, visit The Alternate Side.