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Tarrytown's New Designation a Realtor's Dream

Tarrytown's New Designation a Realtor's Dream
Forbes Magazine has named the historic Hudson River community one of the top ten prettiest towns in the United States.

Real estate agent Mary Case Friedner was more than happy when 15 close friends and co-workers e-mailed her the good news.

Forbes had named the town she sells homes in one of the prettiest in the U.S. It is a nice designation for people who live in the quiet Hudson valley community, but for Friedner it means much more.

“Everything like that helps,” Friedner said in regards to the list, “it’s positive press.” She plans on taking full advantage of the honor by making it a selling point for prospective home buyers.

But, for the most part, Friedner said the town speaks for itself. Tarrytown got high marks for its quaint shops, river views, and historic estates, “it’s just got a very unique and spectacular beauty… with the Hudson River and the hills.”

For a realtor in a murky real estate market the recognition goes a long way. The housing crisis hit Friedner's business hard, and she says home prices in Tarrytown are still low. But she is convinced things will get better soon, “we’re going to be in a seller’s market much more quickly than people think.”