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TAS Report - 8/21/13

Dennis Elsas gets TAS Report from Alisa Ali at 3:45 today

On today's TAS Report, I'm bringing in new music from Washed Out. The album is called Paracosm and it's a dreamy collection of songs that are perfect for chilling out. Actually, Washed Out's music is often categorized as "Chill Wave", but I think Paracosm transcends this particular electronic music genre. The record has a very warm feel to it and seems to perfectly capture the feel of late summer. If you want to tune the world out and escape into your own world, put some headphones on and listen to this. 

Also if you're a fan of nature and wildlife (like me) you'll find the video for the song "Don't Give Up" captivating. Check it out.

Washed Out will be at Terminal 5 in September. More details here.