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Thousands of Dancers Will Take to The Streets For Sixth Annual Dance Parade

Parade Meant to Highlight Effort to Repeal Cabaret law
Parade Meant to Highlight Effort to Repeal Cabaret law

The sixth annual Dance Parade takes off from Broadway and 21st Street Saturday afternoon at 1, and ends at Tompkins Square Park.

The parade features bands, DJ's, floats, and even a stage where spectators can go to learn some new moves.  But the parade itself is not just for fun.

It's meant to highlight an effort to repeal New York's Cabaret law.  The law requires venues to obtain a license for hosting dancing and live music.  Rebecca Myles, an organizer with the parade says it dates back to 1926.

"When there was prohibition, and also there was a concern about interracial dancing up in Harlem.  They were very discriminatory and racial laws that were brought in."

Critics say the law is outdated, but a judge struck down a 2006 effort to repeal it, saying dance is not considered expressive activity protected by the first amendment.

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