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Top City Architects Revamp Two NYC Landmarks

Top City Architects Revamp Two NYC Landmarks
Designers Put Together a New Penn Station, New Madison Square Garden.
Bright, beautiful, and easy to navigate aren't three words commonly associated with New York City's Penn Station, but a design competition by the Municipal Art Society gave architecture firms a chance to propose complete renovations to Penn Station.
Four architecture firms have proposed new designs for both Penn and Madison Square Garden. Some of the designs unveiled today include large gardens and direct rail service to airports. 
President of the Municipal Art Society Vin Cipolla said the designs really show off the Big Apple.
"The ideas that they presented today, have started to present today, are ideas that really are a part of New York," Cipolla said. "They really grow out of what makes New York, New York."  
While the designs are just dreams right now, they include relocating and revamping MSG and give lavish upgrades to Penn Station. Cipolla said Penn needs an upgrade.
"It is way over capacity, it's not a safe enivornment, and it's dismal and depressing," Cipolla said. 
Cipolla said he wants to see a new Penn and Madison Square Garden for real in the future. The Department of City Planning granted MSG a 15 year permit last week, but advised that the sports arena should relocate in the future.