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Vets And Volunteers To Help Aging CT Vets This Memorial Day Weekend

Vets And Volunteers To Help Aging CT Vets This Memorial Day Weekend
There are over a million veterans nation-wide living in sub-standard housing.
This Saturday volunteers will help repair and renovate the homes of three veterans living in Connecticut. 
The local chapter of Homes for Heroes has so far spent $120,000 this year fixing the homes of aging veterans and their spouses.  
HOHCT Director Bill May, a veteran himself, said it is one of the best ways to thank veterans for their service,"Now that we have an aging veteran population, not only World War II, but Vietnam veterans, there is a great need to help those that are either physically or financially disadvantaged."
Each project takes about a full 8 hour day, and the organization has spent its first year helping close to a dozen veterans across the state.
But May adds that there is a lot more to be done. According to May, there are about 300,000 vets living in Connecticut, and he said his organization is always looking for donors and helping hands, “We're looking for a hundred craftsmen to donate a hundred hours of their time per year, whether it’s plumbers, electricians, roofers,” said May. “Then when we do have veterans in need, we can turn to these general contractors for some help.”
To volunteer you can visit their website at