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A Victory For Occupy Protesters' People's Library

A Victory For Occupy Protesters' "People's Library"
Thousands of books were destroyed or seized.

A settlement has been reached in a lawsuit related to a raid at Manhattan's Zuccotti Park during the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests.

Demonstrators sued the city and the owners of Zuccotti Park for the seizure of thousands of books at the so-called People's Library at the protest site.

The demonstrators' attorney Norman Siegel said the city had disregarded the importance of books.

"No government,” Siegel said,” I repeat no government, should ever destroy books."

The city and Brookfield Properties has agreed to pay more than $230,000 to settle the suit. The pay-out will cover damages and legal fees.

The plaintiff's attorney Herbert Teitelbaum said the city violated constitutional rights. "We hope that it is a lesson to all New Yorkers and all Americans,” said Teitelbaum.  “When government takes a foot a sticks it on your neck, you just don't stand there and let it happen."

The books included classics by Shakespeare and even Mayor Bloomberg's own book, "Bloomberg on Bloomberg."

In a statement, the city's Law Department didn't specifically address the agreement, only saying there are many reasons to settle a case.