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Weaves: 2016

Weaves at WFUV

Weaves at WFUV (photo by Sarah Burns)


Back in 2015, the charismatic Toronto band Weaves captivated everyone who saw them play at the CMJ Music Marathon. Singer Jasmine Burke, guitarist Morgan Waters, drummer Spencer Cole and bassist Zach Bines delivered a series of raucous, theatrical, sensual, spontaneous, funny and smart sets. 

It took nearly a year for Weaves to release its kinetic self-titled debut, a collection of songs that capture some of the band’s thrilling live dynamics. One track, the volcanic “Two Oceans,” was entirely improvised in the studio.

When Weaves visited FUV earlier this year, they chatted about their tight bond as musicians and friends, the unconventional way that Burke and Waters write together, and Toronto’s robust DIY scene.

[recorded: 8/24/16]