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Westchester Traffic Stop Leads to Human Trafficking Investigation


Police say they discovered victims of human trafficking in Yonkers, New York.

Westchester County police pulled over a driver on Thursday because he was missing a rear license plate. The officer found that the driver and his three female passengers had forged documents, and were subsequently taken into custody.

Upon investigation, police say they learned that the women were victims of human trafficking. The driver, 35-year-old Nicholas Alvarez of Miami, was charged with three counts of transportation for illegal sexual activity. Police said they believe Alvarez has victimized women in other states as well. The FBI has also started investigating the case.

Westchester County Police Commissioner George N. Longworth said officers need to be aware of human trafficking issues. “We want to ensure that all officers are equipped to identify the signs of this growing problem.”

The Westchester County Anti-Trafficking Task Force began meeting in November to address the problem of human trafficking and law enforcement response. The task force includes representatives from federal, state and local organizations.