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Whistling Songs


                                                                                     (photo from Pixabay)


WFUV listener Linda from New York City has a suggestion for the Question of the Day - whistling songs. Let's put our lips together and our heads together to come up with a big, long list of whistling songs. We'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

Billy Joel "The Stranger"

Otis Redding "(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay"

LP "Into the Wild"

Fitz & The Tantrums "The Walker"

Paul Simon "Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard"

Loose Fur "The Ruling Class"


p.s. Aside from what we're doing today, if you have a suggestion for a Question of the Day that could be posed on a future morning show, submit it here.