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William Bratton Officially New Commissioner of the NYPD

William Bratton Officially New Commissioner of the NYPD
Mayor Bill De Blasio publically swore in Bratton today during a ceremony at Police Headquarters in Lower Manhattan.

This is Bratton's second inauguration speech as NYPD commissioner in twenty years. 

"Who says you can't come home again?"

Bratton led the department in the mid-nineties, replacing former Commissioner Ray Kelly then, just like now.  Bratton commended Kelly in his speech for his efforts to lower crime rates and keep out terrorism.  

"He has committed himself to keeping the city safe; and he has, in fact, done that."

But the new commissioner also criticized the use of the Stop and Frisk policy under the previous administration.

"The test of police efficiency is the absence of crime and disorder, not the visible evidence of police action in dealing with it; and also the level of trust between the community and its police force...You cannot arrest your way out of the crime problem."

Bratton says he's committed to restoring trust between community members and the NYPD, and promised to work closely with the mayor to reform the policy.  Mayor De Blasio hailed Bratton as a progressive crime fighter.


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