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World Trade Center Site Makes Progress


The First "Green" Lease Has Been Signed For One of the World Trade Center Site Buildings.

Other cities leave carbon footprints from transportation emissions and more, but New York City’s carbon footprint comes from its buildings. 

New York City Mayor Bloomberg joined Site Developer Larry Silverstein to celebrate the signing of the first green lease for one of the World Trade Center site buildings.  Both Bloomberg and Silverstein are confident that all aspects of the site’s development are moving forward.

The Mayor said that the green development of the WTC site is a representation of the city’s sustainable future.  He also highlighted its dedication to commemorate those who lost their lives on September 11th.  Bloomberg said the site’s progress shows that “our freedoms are fragile and people want to take things away from us, but New Yorkers and Americans don’t quit.”

A memorial service will take place this fall on site, commemorating the ten year anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks.