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Station Activities, FY2013

Report to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting

1. WFUV strives to meet the needs of our region's diverse audiences.

WFUV broadcasts two weekly, issues-oriented programs to serve the needs of the New York City area. Additional programming includes documentary style and long-form broadcasts, special news series and in-depth issues coverage on our web site

Documentaries, special reports and interviews, and public affairs programming heard on WFUV included topics such as: teen suicide and school bullying; veterans and college enrollment; psychological aftermath of Hurricane Sandy; senior issues; the jobless; affordable housing; animal welfare; domestic violence; and school bus safety.

WFUV's local newscasts regularly feature topics to serve the city's minority and diverse audiences, including education, housing, finance, health care, employment, environment and immigration issues.

WFUV continues to produce a program called "The Issues Tank," which delves deeper into the issues impacting the communities we serve.  We have also created a Facebook page to invite listeners to bring issues to our attention.

WFUV also maintains a relationship with WNET's MetroFocus, a multiplatform magazine, to strengthen its outreach of issues to diverse audiences.

In addition, WFUV scheduled 9 hours per week of programming to serve the needs of listeners in the Irish community in New York City and the surrounding area.  As part of its Irish specialty shows, WFUV broadcasts one hour of Gaelic in an instructional format.

2. WFUV's funding from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting has a significant impact on the station's ability to serve the community.

CPB funding supports WFUV's local music service, which provides significant cultural access to a wide range of artists not heard elsewhere on the New York radio dial.  

WFUV programs 19 hours of unique, locally-produced music programming each day, spotlighting local, national and international artists.  These include newly-discovered singer-songwriters and bands from the New York region.  In addition to providing access to their recorded music, funding supports one of a kind, in-studio interviews and performances with nearly 500 artists each year, providing insights into their work and the artistic process.

The station offers listeners the opportunity to hear many artists in live, public performance at venues across the region, as well as live coverage from major U.S. festivals including Newport Folk, South by Southwest, Bonnaroo and others.

CPB funding allows WFUV to acquire programming from National Public Radio, Public Radio International and PRX that would not otherwise be heard in this market. In addition, since WFUV News/Public Affairs programming is non-revenue generating, CPB funding allows WFUV to hire a professional broadcast staff to complement NPR national news with local news features and interviews. In turn, the professional staff trains and mentors over twenty students per year in broadcast journalism. WFUV also airs public service announcements and a community calendar.

3. WFUV has implemented a number of special activities to ensure community service and engagement.

WFUV's community service outreach is accomplished through continual dialogue with local community service groups and leaders.

The station's "Strike A Chord" program is a quarterly public service campaign focused on a single issue of importance to local communities. WFUV's Community Advisory Board provides input on the issues selected for each campaign.  With each campaign, WFUV partners with a number of community organizations working on the specific issue, to create public service announcements, public affairs shows, news stories, forums and web site content to raise awareness. Recent campaigns included after school programs for at risk youth, and emergency housing in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

In addition, WFUV put its community ascertainment survey on-line to encourage more engagement with our listenership and to gain more insight into the issues important to the communities we serve.

WFUV's professional and student staff members participated in ongoing panel discussions and presentations designed to educate New York's diverse communities about careers in media and internships and training at WFUV.  The station hosts tours from local public schools, scout troops, centers for citizens with disabilities; and the public in general.

4. WFUV is deeply engaged in the training and education of young media professionals.

WFUV's weekly Fordham Conversations program spotlights the intellectual resources of Fordham University, with interviews, features and talks by distinguished Fordham professors and visiting lecturers. WFUV dedicates one part-time producer to this program, which brings together Fordham's academic community and the radio station's audience.

Student training has proven to be a valuable hands-on experience in the radio industry and broadcast journalism.  The staff conducts training workshops for students interested in news, public affairs, production, promotion, engineering and sportscasting.  Select students have on-air responsibilities for local newscasts, sportscasts, news features, a live sports talk show, and the weekly Irish show (Ceol na nGael).  Graduates of this program are found in commercial and non-commercial jobs in the broadcasting industry, including at CPB and NPR.

WFUV is working with "The News Literacy Project," an innovative national educational program that mobilizes seasoned journalists to help middle school and high school students sort fact from fiction in the digital age.

WFUV is also working in conjunction with Fordham University and the New York State Associated Press to plan a major journalism conference for students throughout the New York metropolitan region to be held in October 2013.

5. WFUV is planning significant efforts to connect the station with its community.

WFUV will continue to expand its "Strike a Chord" public service campaign with new issue topics and public forums WFUV's "Strike A Chord" campaign will continue to reach out to not-for-profit organizations to highlight their work, as well as connect them with local community volunteers.  WFUV news is also expanding its presence beyond the airwaves, with reporting, photos and multimedia on the station's local news web site,

WFUV will have increased presence this summer at community events in the city and across the region, including free outdoor music series such as Central Park SummerStage, Madison Square Park Music, and Celebrate Brooklyn.

WFUV utilizes our Community Advisory Board and feedback from community leaders to help assess our success with these programs and initiatives.