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Everest Guest Blog: The Race is About to Start, Y'all

by Guest
Elijah Thomson

Part 4: In which Everest's Elijah Thomson tells New York stories to Southern Californians in pretend-Kentucky.
(Warning: asterisk-laden word ahead)

Hidden in the foothills of Griffith Park behind innumerable palm fronds and a pair of uninteresting Los Feliz apartment buildings, there is a great old Hollywood house affectionately dubbed "Rowena" by the inhabitants and their peeps.

Everest Guest Blog: Who the Hell is Everest?

by Guest
Laura Fedele

Part 1, in which Elijah Thomson introduces himself, the band, their sound and their intentions.

Cool zephyrs bluster and howl in tremendous gusts as pink-white petals somehow cling steadfastly to branches full bloom with the billowing flowers of early spring. Soft white sand shifts along the village streets from the seashore, as seagulls (smartly) stay out of the cloudless sky. The unbounded Atlantic Ocean, wine-dark and white-capped, extends infinitely into the golden shimmering eastern horizon. Along the western horizon: the New York City skyline.