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Question of the Day: Golden Songs

by Corny O'Connell

Last night's Golden Globe Awards are still on our minds this morning. And that's got us thinking about songs with "gold" and "golden" in the lyrics. Give us some nominees for the Question of the Day set and we'll draw the winners after 9am.

Here's what we played: 

"Stay Gold" by First Aid Kit 

"Goldfinger" by Shirley Bassey 

"Golden Lady" by Stevie Wonder 

"The Golden State" by John Doe with Kathleen Edwards 

Question of the Day: Pants in Song?

by Corny O'Connell

This Sunday is the No Pants Subway Ride. You can participate here in New York where the event started in 2002 or in any of the dozens of other cities around the world where riders go sans slacks. You can also participate in the Question of the Day by suggesting a song about pants, shorts, jeans or the like. Drop 'em in the comments below and we'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

David Essex - "Rock On"

Question of the Day: King of Rock & Roll?

by Corny O'Connell

Elvis Presley, who was born on this date and went on to become the King of Rock & Roll, left a lasting impression on the genre and pop culture. He's also the subject of many a song. Can you think of any that mention Elvis or are about him? Write them in the comments below and we'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

"Man on the Moon" - R.E.M.

"Cities" - Talking Heads

"Riding with the King" - John Hiatt

"Elvis Presley Blues" - Gillian Welch

Question of the Day: Kings in Song?

by Corny O'Connell

Today is the 12th day of Christmas, as the song goes, otherwise known as Epiphany, Día de Los Reyes, or Three Kings Day. Watch for camels on parade and celebrations throughout New York City. We're using it as an excuse to ask for your favorite songs mentioning kings. Leave your suggestions in the comments below and we'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

King and Cross - Ásgeir

King of Diamonds - Motopony

King of California- Dave Alvin

Question of the Day

by Morning Show

Something old? Something new? Something borrowed? Something blue?

Did you receive the gift of music this year for Christmas or Hanukkah? 

If so, let me know what you received. If not, let me know a song or album you wish you'd received.

We'll put together a set after 9, on the Question of the Day.

Question of the Day: Happy Festivus!

by Corny O'Connell

Happy Festivus! Yes, it's a Festivus for the rest of us - the holiday popularized by Seinfeld. Let's set up the aluminum pole, have the airing of grievances and the feats of strength. For the WFUV Question of the Day, we'll focus on the airing of grievances. Suggest a song that does just that and we'll spin a set after 9am. Don't disappoint me this year, leave your song suggestions in the comments below.

Here's what we played:

Fountains of Wayne "Halley's Waitress"