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Question of the Day: Sing-Along Songs

by Corny O'Connell
Photo by Gus Philippas

We're still floating on the good vibes from this past weekend's Clearwater Festival. In case you missed the the live broadcast, you can hear some of the performances in the WFUV archives with more to come. The spirit of Clearwater founder Pete Seeger lived on throughout the weekend. Let's extend that spirit this morning with your favorite sing-along songs. Put 'em in the comments below and we'll spin a set after 9am. 

Here's what we played:

Question of the Day: Song with "Black" in the Lyrics

by Corny O'Connell

Yesterday we asked for "red" songs as WFUV is in the red at the end of our fiscal year. Thanks to the generosity of so many members, we're now closer to being in the black. So let's hear your favorite songs with "black" in the lyrics. Ink them in below and we'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

Los Bravos "Black Is Black"

Wilco "Bull Black Nova"

Amy Winehouse "Back to Black"

The Rolling Stones "Paint It, Black"

Question of the Day: "Red" Songs

by Corny O'Connell

It's time to balance WFUV's books. It's our fiscal year-end. Right now we're in the red, and we need your support to put us in the black. What's great is that a private foundation in New York will match your contribution dollar-for-dollar up to $60,000 for this one-day drive. Please give online or call 877-938-8907. 

Since we're currently in the red, we want your favorite "red" songs. Paint them in the comments below and we'll spin a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

Question of the Day: What I Learned from Rock 'n' Roll

by Corny O'Connell
record collection Shutterstock

With the school year coming to a close we can now reflect on what we've learned - specifically what we've learned from rock 'n' roll. Lyrics are full of life lessons, adages...take-aways, if you will. Paul Simon taught us that "One man's ceiling is another man's floor." David Byrne urged us to "Stay hungry, stay hungry, stay hungry, move a muscle, move a muscle, move a muscle." And "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need" from The Stones.

Question of the Day: "National" Artist Names

by Corny O'Connell

WFUV presents The National tonight at 8:15 live from Celebrate Brooklyn. That got us to thinking of bands and artists that share names with nations and nationalities of the world. The World Cup may have had something to do with it, too. So, think Afro-Cuban All Stars, Chynna Phillips...Yes, we'll be inclusive - it's a challenging question. Plant your flags in the comments below and we'll map out a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

Louis Jordan "Choo Choo Ch'Boogie"

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 "Mais Que Nada"

Question of the Day: Lyrics That Send You to the Dictionary

by Corny O'Connell
dictionary Shutterstock

"Lazaretto" the title track to Jack White's latest release had me checking the dictionary for its definition (an institution for those with contagious diseases). Has a word in a lyric ever had you searching your brain or the dictionary for its meaning? Let us know in the comments below and we'll go to school with a set after 9am.

Here's what we played:

Simon and Garfunkel "A Simple Desultory Philippic"  Definition: An aimless rant

Question of the Day: Interview

by Morning Show

Don got to interview Roger McGuinn last week. That interview will air tomorrow at 6PM on Mixed Bag.

The Question of the Day has three parts today:

1. Which musician would you like to interview?

2. Why?

3. What song would you be sure to ask about?

(Bands and groups allowed too!)

Leave your comments below and we will play a set after 9AM.


Here's what we played:

Joni Mitchell "Blue"

Richard Shindell "Fishing"

Neil Young "Broken Arrow"

Question of the Day: Music Festivals

by Morning Show

Summer Music Festivals start in earnest this afternoon as Bonnaroo weekend kicks off in Tennessee. In recent years, big national shows like Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Cochella have become brand names ...while local events like Clearwater, Celebrate Brooklyn and Central Park Summerstage enrich our own region.

Was one of those your first or favorite music festival experience? Or are you a veteran of storied gatherings like Woodstock or Watkins Glen?

Here's what we played:

Question of the Day: Donovan's Simplicity

by Morning Show

Tomorrow night, Donovan Leitch will be inducted into the
Songwriter's Hall of Fame here in New York City.

Yesterday, we asked you for a song you consider a work of art. Much of
Donovan's early work was beautifully simple. Our question today: What's
the 'simplest' song you can think of? Simple, but beautiful. Or
powerful. Leave your comments and song suggestions. Thanks!

Here's what we played:

Question of the Day: Museum Mile Festival

by Morning Show

Today is the 36th annual Museum Mile Festival on Fifth Ave. So, for today's Question of the Day, we want to know what song you find to be a true work of art. Leave your suggestions in the comments below, and we will spin a set after 9AM. 

Here's what we played:

Joni Mitchell "Down to You"

The Band "When I Paint My Masterpiece"

The Beach Boys "Good Vibrations"

The Beatles "A Day In the Life"