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Question of the Day

Question of the Day: Unforgiving?

by Morning Show
Providence Journal

The headlines in today's Post says "Dear Yankees, We don't date losers!"  Ouch.  Claudia's Tigers played like champs, but the boys from the Bronx are taking a drubbing the hands of the fans.  Are we too tough on our heroes?  Do we expect too much? Songs of anger, forgiveness and fallen heroes in today's Question of the Day.

Here's what we played: 

1."Taller Children," Elizabeth and the Catapult, Taller Children 

Question of the Day: Bowing to the Inevitable?

by Morning Show

Claudia has finally given in and started tweeting. She's got mixed feelings about it, but It's kinda part of the job of a DJ.  We're wondering whether you're into the Twitterverse?  Is it just another time sucker or an important source of information and entertainment?  Who do you follow?  And, of course, is there a song that expresses your thoughts on the matter?  Share 'em all here in the 'FUV Question of the Day.

What we played:

Question of the Day: Did I Hear You Correctly?

by Morning Show

There are entire websites devoted to lyrics we misunderstood, but let's face it, there are also entire songs we don't get.  What are they about?  The worst (or best) are the ones we sing along with - having no idea what we're singing about.  We're not afraid to admit.  What about you?  Any songs you sing that you simply don't get?  Share 'em in today's FUV Question of the Day.

1) "Iko Iko" - The Dixie Cups, The Big Easy Soundtrack

2) "I Zimbra" - Talking Heads, Fear of Music

Question of the Day: Escape!

by Morning Show

Claudia is heading to Vermont for to see the colors and sip some cider this weekend.  What about you?  Where do you go to get away from it all?  What is it you'd like to escape?  Wait.  Maybe we don't want to know.  Anyway..... Songs of escape in today's Question of the Day. 

Question of the Day: October Surprise?

by Morning Show

What's better than a baseball playoff heating up in late innings?  Weeeell, funny you should ask.  Because tonight is the Vice Presidential Debate.  Do you care?  Are you busy watching baseball?  Who's your team, what's on YOUR mind and do you have a song to reflect it?  Are we gonna see a Bay Bridge World Series? Or are you thinking of something else entirely? Share your song here in the QUESTION OF THE DAY.

Here is today's playlist:

1) "Willie Mays is Up at Bat" - Chuck Prophet, Temple Beautiful

Question of the Day: I'm Too Sexy for the Radio

by Morning Show

Back when Rock and Roll was born - the music was known to incite riots.  And yes, some of it was banned from the public airwaves.  But Monster Mash?  Yup.  Banned 50 years ago today.  So we're doing a set of songs to that couldn't be played back in the day.  How well do you know your music history?  Without a websearch, that is....


Question of the Day: A Man for All Reasons

by Morning Show

Sometimes he's growling and prowling. Sometimes he's romantic as can be. Whether John Hiatt is acoustic or electric, he can hang his guitar at our place. As he releases his latest CD (Mystic Pinball) we celebrate all the colors of Hiatt's music and play a set of your favorites in today's Question of the Day.

What we played:

"Lincoln Town" - Crossing Muddy Waters, 2000

"Buffalo River Home" - Perfectly Good Guitar, 1993

"My Baby Blue" - Beneath This Gruff Exterior, 2003

Question of the Day: Fall Favorites

by Morning Show
Little Flower Yoga

There's something sad about the fall.  Well, lots of things.  But, dang it, we're going to celebrate start of the autumn (officially tomorrow morning) with a set of you songs about the changing leaves and changing seasons.

Interested in what we played? 

1. "Bonfire," Rhett Miller, Rhett Miller 

2. "Septmber in the Rain," Frank Sinatra, Sinatra Swingin' Sessions 4

3. "Autumn in New York," Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Louis and Ella Again! 

Question of the Day: Politics, anyone?

by Morning Show

We know it's impolite to talk politics, but if not us, who?  We blame Randy Newman for getting us started, with a scorching new satirical song (link here).  We doubt it will change any minds, but political songs can certainly illuminate an issue.  Got any great ones in mind?  We'll play 'em in today's 'FUV Question of the Day.

What we played:

"Ruins of the Realm" - James McMurtry, Just Us Kids (2008)