Solid Sound 2013

Solid Sound Pop-Up Show: Lucius

by Laura Fedele

Two singers and three accompaniers form Lucius (@ilovelucius), based in Brooklyn, who so far have one EP to their name - their self-titled debut was recorded and produced in the Ditmas Park house where the band lived.

NPR Music's Bob Boilen included the band's performance as one of his 15 Essential Moments from SXSW, and their songs have been featured on Grey's Anatomy and New Girl.

Solid Sound Laughs: John Hodgman Interview

by WFUV Staff

WFUV's Carmel Holt talks with comedian and Wilco concert host John Hodgman (The Daily Show) at the Solid Sound Festival 2013 in North Adams, MA.

They chatted backstage at MASS MoCA about Wilco's all-request show, the use of the Randomizer in choosing the songs, world-ending prophecies and how to prepare for the collapse of civilization, what to do with extra mayonnaise and urine, his comedy special, the Gowanus canal, and how comedy came to be part of this recurring festival of art, music and silliness.

A Video Tour of Solid Sound 2013

by Carmel Holt

Welcome to Solid Sound 2013! Team FUV is here for the first time, and couldn't be happier to share the experience with you. Wilco's 3-day festival of music, comedy and art takes place on the stunning grounds of MASS MoCA in North Adams, Massachusetts - a 13-acre campus of 19th-century factory buildings that now house the largest center for contemporary art in the U.S. Words don't do the place, or the festival, justice. So take a walk with us, through Solid Sound.

Solid Sound Opening Night: All-Request Wilco

by Rita Houston
Photo by Laura Fedele/WFUV

"If I knew the... words, I would take you home!"

So sang Jeff Tweedy, cracking himself up on a spontaneous version of "Ripple" during the All-Covers, All-Request Wilco show at the Solid Sound Festival at MASSMoCA.

Wilco took requests from fans in advance and were thrown some curveballs by comedian John Hodgman onstage to form a set list that was all over the map.

An Invitation to Wilco's World: WFUV Solid Sound 2013 Preview

by Carmel Holt

Jeff Tweedy has said of Solid Sound that it’s the “big picture, the full picture” of Wilco: the only place they really get to display all the different aspects of what they like to do as a band. For Wilco fans, it is an unparalleled opportunity to engage in an interactive way with their world. It seems right to call this inspiring, unique three-day event a “celebration” of music, comedy, and art. Calling Solid Sound a festival calls to mind the big name summer festivals that we’re accustomed to, and this - well…this is something else.