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gay marriage

Mayor Bloomberg Calls Obama's Gay Marriage Stance, "Huge Step"

Bloomberg applauds the President's new position on legalizing gay marriage.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg calls President Barack Obama's stand on gay marriage "a major turning point in the history of American civil rights."

Lawsuit Challenge NY's Gay Marriage Law

The lawsuit claims the Senate prevented lawmakers who opposed the bill from speaking and certain procedures were not followed in the Senate.

Opponents of New York's gay marriage law filed the first lawsuit challenging the measure, an anticipated salvo that came Monday as dozens of same-sex couples exchanged vows in a group ceremony overlooking Niagara Falls a day after the first gay weddings.

Wedding Industry Welcomes Gay Marriage

The sounds of wedding bells could bring in new business for a number of New York City shops.

New York City wedding industries may soon see a big boom in business.  With the State Senate one vote away from legalizing gay marriage, wedding planners, flower shops, and catering halls are expecting an increase in customers.