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New Jersey

NJ Governor Emphasizes Accomplishments in State of State Address

In his first State of the State Address yesterday, Governor Christie said New Jersey's made some big improvements since he took office last year.

The governor said that his state has made great strides, balancing the budget and reducing taxes:  "We have begun to do something that no one thought was possible. We've begun to turn our state around.”

Newark City Council Considers Tougher Pay-to-Play Rules

The Newark City Council introduced a new measure today to toughen pay-to-play restrictions for developers.

The proposed ordinance, sponsored by West Ward Councilman Ron Rice, would prohibit developers from donating to politicians, political parties, and political action committees from the time a worksite is identified to the time a contract is awarded.

Audit Finds New Jersey Turnpike Authority Gave Excessive Perks to Employees

Auditors say the New Jersey Turnpike Authority paid its employees $30 million in unjustified bonuses and squandered millions on health insurance while tolls increased.

The Comptroller's Office audit released Tuesday says taxpayers also picked up the tab for free E-ZPass transponders, scholarships for workers' kids, an employee bowling league and more.