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New York State Officials Crack Down on Extensive Cheating Scheme at the Department of Motor Vehicles

by Stephanie Colombini
State officials announce the arrest of nineteen people involved in the scheme

Stephanie Colombini

Nineteen individuals have been arrested for partipating in an operation that provides commercial driver's license applicants with written test answers.

A school bus filled with young children...a truck filled with hazardous chemicals...if these vehicles were operated by the wrong people, a collision could be tragic. 

That's why the state's cracked down on a scandal involving the use of bribes, shared answers, and fake test-takers to help applicants cheat their way to a commercial driver's license. New York State Inspector General Catherine Leahy Scott joined the Manhattan District Attorney today to announce the arrest of nineteen people involved in the scheme; and they're only the tip of the iceberg.  More than 250 individuals are suspected to have cheated on the Department of Motor Vehicles' written exam, with many more possibly involved at the administrative level.  Inspector General Scott said the arrests send a clear message.

"You can't buy your CDL in the state of New York.  They are not for sale."

Scott says the investigation is ongoing, and it's keeping people safe on the road.

"What this joint investigation accomplished was to stop these ringleaders from putting more unknowledgable and unqualified drivers behind the wheel of the largest vehicles on our streets and highways."

Officials at the DMV say they've taken measures to prevent future cheating.  They announced new digital test-taking systems have been installed to replace the written exam.


broadcasted 9/26/13


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