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Life & Arts

Life & Arts news

Morning Brief: January 21

by Kris Venezia

Joe Crimmings, Flickr 

President Obama delivered his State of the Union address for 2015, and he showed he will not back down to the Republican controlled Congress. Obama said he would be willing to veto bills that he does not agree with, and he challenged Republicans who do not agree with raising the minimum wage to live on $7.25 an hour for a year. Iowa Senator Joni Ernst offered the Republican response to the president. She said Americans went to the polls in November and elected Republicans to lead the country forward.

Morning Brief: January 20

by Kris Venezia

Kool Cats Photography, Flickr

Whether you are trying to impress a date, relatives or coworkers, getting seats at the perfect restaurant can be tricky in New York City. The good news is modern technology has produced many beneficial things for society, including smartphone apps that make booking a table at that classy new Upper West Side eatery much easier. [New York Post]  


Morning Brief: January 19th

by Kris Venezia

Matt McGee, Flickr

The two teams who will be playing in the Super Bowl have been decided. The game will take place in Glendale, Arizona, almost two weeks from today on February 1. Check out which two teams made it into the final game, and how one team made a crazy comeback to earn a ticket to the Super Bowl. [ESPN]


Today, mostly sunny with a high of 41, and tonight, mostly clear with a low of 28. [Full Forecast]

Need to Know

Yankee Stadium to Shake off Dust of Winter with Soccer

by Jeff Coltin
Yankee Stadium

Cole Camplese, flickr

New York City Football Club has its first game ever in just a couple months - March 15th at Yankee Stadium. That is a couple weeks before the Yankees return to the Bronx. But Dr. Cary Goodman of the 161st Street Business Improvement District, says he does not think the neighbors will mind starting the sporting season early.

Morning Brief: December 26

by Kris Venezia
Leftover food.

Lynn Gardner, Flickr

Hopefully, you enjoyed December 25th whether you celebrated Christmas or just took a day to relax with many businesses closed on the holiday. The day after Christmas typically means leftover as food prepared for dinner becomes the next day's lunch. Bon appetit!


Today, sunny with a high of 49, and tonight, mostly clear with a low of 38. [Full Forecast]

Need to Know

Morning Brief: December 25

by Kris Venezia
Christmas Tree.

Ron Cogswell, Flickr

It is Christmas! Many people in and around New York City have found ways to bring Christmas trees into their apartments. While getting a tree into an apartment can be a chore, selling Christmas trees can also be a hastle as shown by this article. [Gizmodo]


Today, partly cloudy with a high of 53, and tonight, clear with a low of 37. [Full Forecast]

Morning Brief: December 24

by Kris Venezia

Stephanie Kilgast, Flickr

Christmas is a day away, and NPR has produced a story about New York City from the 1980's. It is a good way to get into the holiday spirit. [NPR]


Today, scattered showers throughout the day, high of 56, and tonight, more rain with a low of 53. [Full Forecast]

Need to Know

Morning Brief: December 23

by Kris Venezia
Bill Bratton.

Policy Changes, Flickr

Need to Know

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton seek balance after two killings. [NYT]

North Korea loses internet for hours, but nobody will claim responsibility for the attack. [CNN]

Morning Brief: December 22

by Kris Venezia

Daniel Spiess, Flickr

For many people, week 16 in the NFL was either really good news or really bad news. For some fantasy football owners, the season ended with a victory. In many leagues, this means the winner received a money prize. For Jets and Giants fans, fantasy football was a chance to win a championship even with their teams in real life failing to even make the playoffs. There were also unfortunate fantasy football owners who finished last in the league, and this meant some sort of punishment.

American Museum of Natural History Plans Addition

by Associated Press

Thomas Hawk, Flickr

The American Museum of Natural History has announced plans to build an addition to house a new science and education center.

   The $325 million Gilder Center for Science, Education and Innovation is slated to open in 2019, the museum's 150th anniversary.

   Museum President Ellen Futter says the 218,000-square-foot center will fully integrate science, education and immersive exhibitions.

   Chicago-based Studio Gang Architects has been selected to design the addition. Ralph Appelbaum Associates will design the exhibitions.

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