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NYC Senior Works to Educate Peers on Pedestrian Safety

A Tri-state Transportation Campaign study shows seniors account for 38% of pedestrian fatalities in NYC.

According to the Tri-state Transportation Campaign, senior citizens make up 17.5% of the New York City population, but account for 38% of all pedestrian fatalites. A 77-year-old Brooklyn man is doing his part to change that. 

Yankee Stadium to Shake off Dust of Winter with Soccer

Major League Soccer comes to the Bronx March 15
New York City Football Club has its first game ever in just a couple months - March 15th at Yankee Stadium. That is a couple weeks before the Yankees return to the Bronx. But Dr. Cary Goodman of the 161st Street Business Improvement District, says he does not think the neighbors will mind starting the sporting season early.