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New Yorkers with a 19th-Century State of Mind

New Yorkers who like to party like it's 1899!

In the 2001 film, “Kate and Leopold,” Hugh Jackman plays a 19th-century aristocrat who is magically transported to modern day New York. Although time-bending wormholes under the East River don’t exist, many real-life New Yorkers incorporate 19th-century city life into their daily routines.

Cityscape: Teddy Roosevelt’s Battle With the Deeply Depraved New York of Yore

A new book explores Roosevelt's stint as NYC police commissioner.

In 1895, then-reformer Theodore Roosevelt — fearless and righteous and full of zeal — was appointed New York City police commissioner, assigned to clean up the Big Apple at what many said was its dirtiest, most rotten moment in history.