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Civil War

Fordham Conversations: Slavery and the Troubled History of America’s Universities

A conversation about the nation’s leading universities and their profitable connections to slavery.

Many conversations about America's history reiterates the idea that the progressive north led the opposition to slavery against the racist South.

Fordham Conversations: Fordham University and the United States: A History

Fordham University has a storied history, living through keystone American events like the Civil War and WWII.

Fordham University was once a stomping ground for U.S. President’s, war heroes and leaders in a number of prestigious fields.

Fordham Conversations: The Lost History of Buried Slaves

This week we learn how the graves of African American slaves paint a picture of American cultural history.

Fordham University recently launched a burial database project for enslaved African American. It allows anyone to submit locations they suspect may be the site of an unmarked grave of slaves.