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New York City

Morning Brief: November 19

Mets Remodel Home in search of Runs

The Mets are going to some serious lengths to create some offense—or maybe, more modest lengths? In any case, right field fence is being moved in anywhere from 3 to 11 feet for next season. And General Manager Sandy Alderson thinks it’ll help the hitters psychologically as they swing for the fences. The Post reports that the new dimensions would mean 17 more Mets home runs last year, based on where balls landed.

Judge Scolds NYC Tower Jumpers, Won't Toss Case

BASE jumpers to stand trial for 1 WTC dive
Three extreme-skydiving enthusiasts showed "inexcusable self-indulgence" by parachuting off the 1 World Trade Center tower, a judge said Tuesday in declining to toss out the felony case against them.
The decision puts James Brady, Marko Markovich, Andrew Rossig and their alleged lookout, Kyle Hartwell, on track for a January trial over the September 2013 stunt, which raised questions about security at one of the most protected sites in the country.

Morning Brief: November 18

Hey, Mickey!

By Disney lore, today’s Mickey Mouse’s 86th birthday, having debuted in the cartoon short Steamboat Willie on this day in 1928. Anybody who’s walked through Times Square recently knows Mickey is still alive and well—there is almost always one or more costumed Mickeys looking for tips. Those characters have been all over the news this year as the City Council weighs a bill that would require the characters to carry licenses. If some advocates have their way, Mickey will spend his 86th year speaking out against it on the steps of City Hall.