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Occupy Wall Street

An "Occupied" State of Mind

Occupy Wall Street's "Day of Action" rallies spread to all parts of New York City.



Over the past two months, the Occupy movement has attracted thousands of followers across the Big Apple. And proof of that could be seen in their Day of Action rallies, where protesters took to the streets to spread a message about economic inequality.

Occupy Wall Street Protesters Plan Demonstration

Protesters are suspicious of plan to clean up NYC park.

The Wall Street protesters are planning a demonstration for an hour before they're supposed to leave a lower Manhattan park so it can be cleaned.

Protesters Hit Wall Street in Costume

Wall Street protesters dress as corporate zombies.

Protesters speaking out against corporate greed and other issues showed no signs of giving up their campaign Monday, with organizers urging participants to dress up as what they called corporate zombies and to take part in a rally against police brutality.