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World Trade Center

Families of 9/11 Victims Want Poll Over Unidentified Remains

Family members want city officials to poll where the unidentified remains of victims should be kept.

A group of family members of World Trade Center victims is demanding New York City officials give it a list of next of kin for all the nearly 2,800 victims so they can poll them on the placement of unidentified remains.

World Trade Center Site Makes Progress

The First "Green" Lease Has Been Signed For One of the World Trade Center Site Buildings.

Other cities leave carbon footprints from transportation emissions and more, but New York City’s carbon footprint comes from its buildings. 

Nine Years Later

The health impact of 9/11

Next Saturday marks the 9 year anniversary of the terrorist attack on the World Trade Center.   Over the past several years, we’ve heard a lot about the illnesses that have afflicted rescue and recovery workers who toiled at the site.  But, on this week's Cityscape, we focus more specifically on the plight of those who lived, worked and studied in the area around ground zero.