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Subway Call Boxes Added to Bronx Stations

Subway Call Boxes Added to Bronx Stations
The Help Points will increase safety and communication.

Call boxes have been popping up all over the city at subway stations as the MTA tries to improve safety and communication for passengers. Four more of the intercom system known as Help Points were unveiled on Friday.

Help Points can now be found at the Van Cortland Park/ West 242nd Street, West 238th street and West 231st Street stations on the 1 line and the Wakefield/ East 241st street station on the 2 line.

New York Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz secured nearly $1 million to install the new intercoms at stations in his district. He said although there hasn't been a lot of crime at these stations, taking proactive steps like this will continue to keep the subways safe.

"Emergencies don't include just crimes, there can be other things. This gives people the ability to be able to contact the appropriate people very quickly," Dinowitz said.

Each Help Point has two buttons: a green one for general information and questions, and a red one for emergencies. In both cases, there is a live person on the other end to provide assistance.

So far, 68 stations throughout the city have Help Points installed. The MTA has plans to include them in every other station by 2019.

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